Geo Week 2022 Showcases New SDK, Growing Imagery Library, and Integration Updates

It was a busy few days in Denver, CO at Geo Week 2022, filled with conversations, demos, and exciting announcements. With many events still happening virtually or being cancelled entirely, this event was a great opportunity to share information face-to-face with attendees. Plus, we showcased our eye-catching booth with our sister company, Vexcel Imaging, to help bring full circle the value market-leading camera sensors provide during the capture process to help us on the data side deliver exceptional imagery and geospatial data.

Major Announcements During Geo Week

To kickoff the event on Sunday, February 6, 2022, we announced a new capability specifically for developers: MapControl SDK. This new offering gives developers the tools to build the experience they want inside their own platforms, whether they be web- or desktop-based or GIS, CAMA, or CAD options.

We followed that announcement with news on Monday, February 7: streamlined integration of Vexcel data into ArcGIS, known as Image Services for ArcGIS. No need for proprietary plug-ins; ArcGIS users can access Oblique, True Ortho, Ortho, and Multispectral imagery with greater ease.

Presentations, Industry Trends and What’s Next

Over the course of three days, our team had distinct opportunities to present information about our award-winning camera sensors, how the Vexcel Data Program is growing, and what the future of aerial imagery looks like as part of a panel discussion/roundtable.

The panel discussion, which featured Robert Carroll, (VP of Product) revolved around these key points:

  • Everything-as-a-Service: access to data and massive amounts of information is not just for those in more technical/IT-based positions; it’s readily available through subscription services for more familiar mass consumption
  • Aerial imagery is a perfect example of a subscription service, enhancing workflows and streamlining access to massive amounts of data in a cloud-based platform
  • Accuracy matters in aerial imagery and geospatial data more than ever as machine learning and AI algorithms scan and extract insights at breakneck speeds with greater precision, beyond the frailty of the human eye

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