3D Cities & Digital Twins

Explore high-quality 3D models for top metro areas in Australia and across the globe.

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Aerial Imagery for Urban Areas

Now collecting aerial imagery across 45 cities in Australia and 10 metro areas in New Zealand.

Aerial imagery & geospatial data for Australia & New Zealand

Urban Areas

Vexcel collects high-resolution aerial imagery for 45 cities in Australia, covering 80% of its population. And 10 metro areas in New Zealand (69% population).

Accurate & Consistent

Vexcel leads the industry in imagery accuracy. It starts with best-in-class camera tech matched against ground control points for mapping-grade accuracy. Finish it with world-class processing software and you get aerial maps made with precision.

Integrations & APIs

Access our current and historic aerial imagery library through the Vexcel platform, including Vexcel Viewer, Vexcel APIs, and Vexcel Image Services for ArcGIS, and select map services and partner platforms.

Unleash Every Pixel

Better understand the world around you. See more details. From Oblique to TrueOrtho, DSM to Multispectral, Vexcel publishes a comprehensive library of aerial imagery that is more detailed than satellite imagery.

Insights & Analysis

Access to reliably consistent location content isn’t just for GIS specialists anymore; it’s available to any industry for a wide variety of purposes. From public safety for Government, mapping and plotting for Utilities and Telco, to project planning and urban development for AEC, use industry-leading imagery to plan for today and tomorrow.

Global Leaders in Aerial Imaging

Vexcel provides industry-leading aerial cameras, a dedicated aerial fleet, and the largest aerial imagery and geospatial data program in the world. Only Vexcel provides an end-to-end technology solution, from cameras to aerial collections, image processing to machine learning and imagery analytics.

Aerial Imaging & Mapping Products

Oblique Imagery

Take a virtual walk around your area of interest with multiple perspectives in high-resolution.

Orthomosaic Imagery

From cities to neighborhoods and properties, view orthomosaic imagery down 7.5cm resolution in Australia and New Zealand.


Keep your data current with 40+ property attributes, including building footprints, roof conditions, and more.

Multispectral Imagery

Detect and classify land cover and vegetation with colour-infrared imagery.


Use DSM data for surface analysis, 3D modeling, digital twins, and more.

Disaster Imagery

Access imagery from major natural disasters, including hurricanes, bushfires, and tornadoes.

Australia 3D Cities

Sydney, Australia

Explore the whole metro area in stunning 3D.

Melbourne, Australia

This 3D model spans business districts and neighbourhoods.

Brisbane, Australia

Discover the metro area with this immersive 3D model.

Perth, Australia

Digital twin: See this Western Australia city in 3D.

Adelaide, Australia

Dive into a 3D cityscape, spanning the metro area.

Blog & News

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