A Complete End-to-End Imagery Solution

Why is Vexcel (vex-CEL) the perfect imagery partner for you? Because it’s a complete end-to-end solution–from market-leading cameras to imagery capture and cloud-based tools & APIs (A-P-I’s). You get access to real location intelligence, unmatched quality, and consistent accuracy and data.

It starts with the camera.

Vexcel’s UltraCam aerial cameras are built with innovation in mind, using the highest-quality materials available. The result? Unrivalled pixel quality and location accuracy, as well as the ability to capture high-resolution imagery at speed and at scale.

Vexcel owns its fleet of fixed-wing aircraft, spread across the globe.

Using groundbreaking camera technology, Vexcel captures the most up-to-date, consistent imagery and data with coverage across the US, Europe, and Australia.

After each flight, data is processed in-house, overseen by experienced analysts, ensuring the highest level of quality assurance across the image library–down to every last pixel.

Once processed, imagery and data are quickly delivered to a cloud-based platform – available anytime, anywhere. Analyze imagery and insights at home, at the office, or on the move.

Need third-party integration? Increase your response time and workflow efficiency by using Vexcel APIs in any tool or system. Maximize your use of imagery optimized for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Together, this end-to-end solution gives you unparalleled access to imagery at stunningly rich quality and accuracy. All at your fingertips.

For more information on Vexcel’s aerial imagery and data library, visit vexcel-imaging.com.