Make Smarter, More Informed Decisions from Above

How Vexcel’s elite capture program delivers better data for real ground truth

Access to aerial imagery has never been easier, more robust, or more reliable than it is today. But how does it compare to more well-known imagery sources such as satellite, or even the growing market of drone capture programs? While both of these methods provide some level of ground truth, there are significant challenges to relying on them solely for real information.

  • ACCURACY – satellite imagery resolution is typically limited to 30cm GSD or worse while Vexcel collects urban areas at 7.5cm (or better) and 15-20cm in rural areas
  • CONSISTENCY – drones can fly low and collect high resolution, but getting a consistent capture across large areas over months or years of captures is very difficult to achieve
  • COVERAGE – drones are extremely challenged when it comes to capturing an area at scale while Vexcel can help you see an entire city, state, or country not just a city block

Accessing intelligent and trusted aerial data is a valuable asset for any project or workflow, helping end users make better, more profitable business decisions. The bottom line is that aerial imagery provides much needed information in the sweet spot of ground truth, coverage, and accuracy. By adding Vexcel’s comprehensive imagery library to your workflows, you can make decisions with greater confidence. It’s time to start seeing what you need to see and work with a trusted source of ground truth, because what you can’t see may end up costing you.