Earth-i Names Vexcel as First Remote Sensing Partner

Below is a press release shared by Earth-i on a brand new partnership with Vexcel and how they expect to enhance their powerful analytics platform using our aerial imagery and data.

Earth-i Goes Aerial with Vexcel

Earth-i goes Aerial with Vexcel Imaging

27th July 2022 – UK-based space data analytics company Earth-i and Vexcel have agreed to add Vexcel as Earth-i’s first remote sensing aerial data partner and act as a Vexcel Analytics Partner.

Vexcel offers aerial imagery and data in 26 countries around the globe, including the U.S., Canada, UK, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Puerto Rico. Their best-in-class aerial imagery and geospatial data lead the industry in terms of accuracy and consistency, helping transform workflows for multiple industries.

Charles Davis, CEO Earth-i added “Earth-i sees great value in partnering with Vexcel as it increases our service offering in two ways. Firstly, by adding Vexcel’s aerial imagery to our data partners, it increases our capability to apply our satellite AI analytics to non-space remote sensing assets, increasing the commercial market for our geospatial analytics. Secondly, Vexcel’s aerial imagery supports our ability to create AI algorithms with greater accuracy and precision for our space-based satellite sensors. This higher-accuracy ground truth supports enhanced machine learning and computer vision model development by using their very high-resolution, time-stamped datasets. The agreement strategically aligns Earth-i’s vision of merging space and aerial remote sensing assets in the commercial market as the next step of our growth. This dynamic combination helps our clients to answer more complex questions at scale, more quickly, more accurately and at a lower cost than previous possible”

About Earth-i

Earth-i is a geospatial intelligence company using machine learning, artificial intelligence and Earth Observation data to provide unique and relevant insights, derived from diverse geospatial data, that deliver clear decision advantage for businesses, governments and other organisations.

Earth-i provides advanced analytics using automated interpretation of a range of geospatial Earth Observation data sources including colour imagery, colour video, infra-red and radar from a range of sources including satellite, drone, aerial and ground-based sensors. This data is fused with additional data sources to extract factual understanding and generate predictive insights across a range of markets such as commodities, supply chain, agriculture, infrastructure and defence.

About Vexcel

For 30 years, Vexcel’s award-winning technology has led the photogrammetry and remote sensing industry with best-in-class and award-winning camera sensors. As the world’s largest aerial imagery provider, Vexcel delivers the highest caliber and most accurate aerial content and geospatial data available via their fleet of fixed-winged aircraft. This data helps solve real-world problems by offering the best in location intelligence across urban and wide areas.

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