Vexcel Announces Partnership with Cesium

Vexcel 3D Cities is now available with Cesium ion Self-Hosted, bringing high-quality 3D geospatial data for 60+ cities to a global audience. This new collaboration enhances the 3D visualization and analysis capabilities for large metropolitan areas, helping sectors from government to telecommunications, gaming, and more. Explore a new dimension with our 3D mesh models.

Here are highlights from the partnership:

Global Coverage: Covering over 62,000 km², Vexcel 3D Cities includes major cities at scale in the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

High-Quality Data: Leveraging Vexcel’s market-leading photogrammetric UltraCam sensors and extensive aerial imagery library, these models provide an immersive and accurate 3D cityscape.

Optimized Performance: Using 3D Tiles OGC Community Standard created by Cesium for enhanced streaming and rendering.

Compatibility: Fully compatible across various platforms like CesiumJS, Cesium for Unreal, Cesium for Unity, and Cesium for Omniverse, promoting flexible integration for various projects.

Learn more and explore some cities in 3D at: