Helping Build the Future of Smart Cities – Esri User Conference 2021

Smart cities are built on data. But not just any data will do. Reliable, consistent, and accurate geospatial data is necessary to understand what’s happening today and to build for the future.

Precise geospatial data powers your city planning, helping you create digital twins with real ground truth and greater context of your smart city needs.

Vexcel data provides hi-res aerial imagery with unparalleled quality and accuracy, matched against survey ground control points. This cloud-based geospatial content is easily brought into third-party platforms to create:
3D models power your digital twins with better data from Vexcel
Urban forestry – preserve and restore green space for your community
Technology infrastructure – grow high-speed networks and connectivity with ease
Energy consumption – optimize solar panel installation and identification
Transportation – use cloud-based data to plan future roadways, bike lanes, and public transit

Bring Vexcel’s data into the ArcGIS platform to create: Smarter planning which leads to Smarter end-to-end solutions.resulting in Smarter services that provide Smarter outcomes which produces More sustainable practices.

Envision the next wave of smart cities and create a more sustainable, innovative, and connected environment using high-res aerial imagery and geospatial data from Vexcel. Visit us at to learn more.