Property Assessment

When it comes to property assessment and annual valuation, you need accurate imagery you can trust. New construction, disaster response, agricultural development – only accurate aerial information will do. And the more you can do from your desk, the better.

Get your job done faster with aerial imagery from the Vexcel Data Program. Improve your tax roll information by quickly spotting property changes like newly built structures, swimming pools, and more.

Vexcel manages the entire collection process, from industry-leading sensors, camera calibration, aerial survey to processing and delivery. The hi-res imagery and related geospatial information are positioned with survey-grade ground control points ensuring mapping-grade quality.

The result is consistent and accurate information you need to make quicker and better informed decisions.

Boost your desktop assessment with historical aerial imagery to compare changes year after year.

Measure and inspect properties with precision.

Review residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties across your entire jurisdiction.

Update your tax rolls and CAMA (pronounced Cama) records with refreshed imagery.

Identify and map vegetation and impervious surfaces with color-infrared imagery.

Review properties from multiple views to identify changes.

Identify properties impacted by major natural disasters.

Vexcel offers the largest capture program from coast-to-coast of the contiguous USA. From rural areas to densely populated cities, Vexcel provides a variety of aerial data products to help with property assessments.

Multiply your efforts. Save time and resources using imagery you can trust.

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