Introducing VEXCELDATA.COM: the technology, the products, the use cases

Today marks the launch of the brand new website, introducing the world to the vast data program arm of the Vexcel Group.  

You may know Vexcel as the leader in imaging with award-winning camera and sensor technology. You may also know Vexcel as the premier aerial imagery partner for the Geospatial Insurance Consortium (GIC). But now you get to know Vexcel on a whole new level and get greater insight into the comprehensive image library available to a broad customer base. 

What Can You Discover on This Site? 


Take yourself on a short tour through the geospatial data products Vexcel provides. Learn about ultra-high-resolution oblique imagery for urban areas, DSM/DTM data for 3D modeling, multispectral (near-infrared) for quick ground classification, and true orthos that cover the entire contiguous U.S. 





Discover how industries from Government to Utilities, AEC to Telecommunications, are employing Vexcel data to solve current and future problems. It’s about giving you access to data that helps frame solutions and opportunities in a whole new way and with a fresh set of eyes. 





When it comes to market-leading tech that produces the type of photogrammetric excellence demanded by customers, only Vexcel can claim award-winning camera systems and sensors. It’s helped set the tone for a history of leadership across aerial imagery, since 1992. 





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This is just the beginning.