Simplified Login for Viewer with Federated Authentication

How many passwords do you have to remember on a daily basis? It seems everyone has a story of being locked out of an online account due to forgetting yet another set of credentials. Isn’t it nice when a simplified–but secure–method of logging into a service or platform exists? Now you no longer need to remember another set of credentials for accessing the Viewer because of our new federated authentication feature.

What is Federated Authentication?

Federated authentication, or federated auth for short, is a way of handling logins allowing you to use a set of existing credentials for one site to be able to seamlessly access a different site with no additional credentials needed. In other words, federated auth for the Viewer allows your company to pre-authorize our platform, meaning you can log in using your already-existing company credentials!

Not only does federated authentication make accessing the Viewer simple, but it also helps in the management of Viewer accounts. If you have fifty people in your organization using our platform without federated auth, all fifty of them would need separate accounts. But with federated auth, hundreds of users can access the Viewer at any time without the need for creating and maintaining new, separate accounts.

Federated authentication is available for all Viewer users and the upgrade is included in your subscription at no additional cost. So really there’s no reason to not simplify your experience and begin using federated auth. Contact your customer advocate representative today to get federated auth set up!

Amanda Shepherd Smith is the Program Manager for the Vexcel Viewer, leading the development of features, tools, and updates to the platform. During her career in the geospatial information industry, she has worked on products and tools that have revolutionized many industries by bringing the power of geospatial data to their fingertips.