Building the Future of Communication Networks

The speed of communication is getting even faster with the rollout of 5G networks around the globe. And reliable geospatial data is helping drive the transformation.
Faster network speeds demand closer cell sites with little to no obstructions between them. Get a better viewshed analysis with Vexcel. Our camera systems collect 4-band imagery and digital elevation data in 15-plus countries. The aerial data is also positioned against ground control points. The result: Imagery and data with a perfect pixel-to-height data match that spans neighborhoods…. Cities….rural areas… and even countries.
Telecom companies look to Vexcel to deliver accurate imagery and digital surface models for a full-scale city and landscape perspective. Whether it’s rolling out connections in new areas or updating existing networks, Vexcel Data helps telecom companies make better decisions with confidence.
Use this location data to identify antenna locations and calculate Fresnel zones, determining a clear line of sight between transmitters and receivers.
Identify and reduce dead zones. Quickly calculate the height of human-made and natural objects from buildings to telephone poles to tree canopies with accurate digital surface models.
Determine site viability across hundreds—thousands—of locations without ever having to set foot on the ground, saving time, money, and manpower.
That’s the value—and confidence—Vexcel Data provides for your network planning.
Build the next generation of communication networks with consistent and accurate geospatial data from Vexcel.
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